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At True Midwest it is understood that real estate photography is, in fact, high stakes photography. Not only do photograph images play an essential role in the sale of properties commonly worth six figures or more, but the right photography can help serve as a matchmaker for families looking for homes where they may reside for generations. We do not take this service lightly.

Every real estate project is executed with professionalism, precision and care.


Joseph Maas has real estate photography experience dating back to the mid '80s, working for companies like Century 21 and Coldwell Banker. Many tricks of the trade where learned during this time, initially when using medium format film photography, and now with mirror-less, extreme high resolution full frame digital cameras. For example, our equipment's current ultra low light sensitivity enables nearly all interior shots to be taken in natural light, thus providing a viewer experience much closer to home. That is closer to how a visitor would see an interior when personally touring the location.

Exterior shots are also taken with the best interest of the potential buyer in mind. This means that the "curb appeal" photography we take center much more around the main living environment and structure than for example, the driveway, the garage, or the actual curb.

In addition, special care is taken to shoot in just-the-right light, at exactly the right time of day to bring out the best in any real estate listing. Indeed, patience during a photography shoot is something we find especially important in this ever-so-unique form of promotional work.

But we don's stop at eye level!

More and more, families want to get a good view of the surroundings prior to scheduling that appointment to show the home. This is where True Midwest offers a unique advantage. Upon request, we can send up our high tech photography drone to take a series of expertly composed high detail photographs from an elevation of up to 400'.

Note: Certain restrictions apply with regard to aerial real estate photography, e.g. if the home is near an airport FAA regulations would prohibit this part of our service.


To learn more about True Midwest Real Estate Photography Services, please send email using the link below.


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