Dewdrop Poetry

Romantic reflections in nature

Stay tuned for the publication Dewdrop Poetry, a volume of original and unique nature photography that includes a collection of over 80 written works by Joseph Maas.


The Path to the Lake

As I move along a certain path to take,
through the vines,
the grasses,
and the trees,
I stride up to a lake that is now, and will be.

It's a place held in mind that I eagerly grasp,
then I release to regain my hold once again.

Each step is another at the end of all others,
but never far from the currents of yesterday.

As every frame of my existence turns into rippling reflections,
they merge to the inlets of my life.

During this time, the minuscule rushes through me,
not unlike a birth of overwhelming complexity.

Then I realize while in-route to the other shore,
I'd be mistaken to think that I've seen these lands before.

The foolishness inherent in all recognition,
binds me to the streaming wake of my existence.

For what was new yesterday, is now just a veneer,
on a ship sailing across the vast waters of memory.

Thus, if I am not an astute lookout and navigator,
each impression becomes another whitecap on the sea of illusion.

And the nature of the course taken, becomes only as clear,
as the horizons I have eagerly self-imposed.

In spite of it all, the estranged sailor with my name,
seeks only to trim smoothly through the course that's been set.

And so...

The challenge I pose with each jibe and tack,
is to see as much as there is to be seen,
understand the full meaning of what waves can tell,
feel every breeze the wind uses to touch everyone,
and to fill my mind with the abundance of this inland sea.

If only I could become that which is the movement within me,
I would smoothly sail across all currents past.

As I now experience this might, and this calmness,
while endeavoring to traverse the path to the lake,
through the vines,
the grasses,
and the trees.

— Joseph Maas