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Based in Southwest Michigan, this on-line publication places special focus on what it means to live and work in the nation's heartland and the goals and dreams of those who do. Of particular interest are the generations of determined souls who have known both failure and success, as well as the incredible richness and legacy of the upper mid-west region of the U.S. that they inhabit.

Where we are today and where we have been as a culture, and those who have seen and touched the rich history that most have only read about; this is our prime focus. Out of this endeavor we hope to get to know our neighbors better, and perhaps even get a glimpse of what's in store in the years ahead and for those who are touched by this magnificent land of great lakes.

— Joseph Maas, True Midwest

Center: A family portrait taken during a gathering in Anderson County, Kansas in the year 1934. True Midwest photographer, Joseph Maas's mother Alma is seen here during her teenage years; top row, third from the left.

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